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List of A to Z Symposium Since May 1985
Diabetes Division A to Z Symposia Hong Kong Society of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Reproduction

Date Title, Topics & Speakers Chairperson
26 Oct 2017 Diabetic Ophthalmopathy
Preventing DM retinopathy: an endocrinologist point-of-view – Dr CH Choi
Surgical management of diabetic retinopathy – Dr YF Yuen
Dr. Jason Ng
13 Apr 2017 Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in diabetes: Perspective from Hepatologist – Prof Vincent WS Wong
Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in diabetes: Perspective from Endocrinologist – Dr Paul Lee
Dr. Jason Ng
13 Oct 2016 Medications for weight control – Dr Michele Yuen
Metabolic surgery – Dr Simon KH Wong
Dr. Jason Ng
21 Apr 2016 Lipid management in diabetes: Perspective from Dietitian – Ms SN Lam
Lipid management in diabetes: Perspective from Endocrinologist – Prof Kathryn Tan
Dr. Ng Ying Wai
23 Apr 2015 Diabetic Kidney: Perspective from Endocrinologist - Dr Andrea Luk Dr. Ng Ying Wai
30 Oct 2014 Juvenile Obesity: More than Sloth and Gluttony - Professor Alice PS Kong
Juvenile Diabetes - Dr Elaine Kwan
Dr. Hung Hin Fai Victor
29 May 2014 Hypoglycemia in Diabetes Management - Dr Chow Wing Sun
Individualized Care in Diabetes Management - Dr Tsang Man Wo
Dr. Hung Hin Fai Victor
24 Oct 2013 Effective Use of Home Blood Glucose Monitoring in Diabetes Management - Dr Jo Jo Kwan
Use of Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Diabetes Management - Dr Risa Ozaki
Dr. Ng Ying Wai
25 Apr 2013 Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes - Dr Ng CM Jason
Fertility in Female: Focus on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome - Dr Cheung Lai Ping
Dr. Hung Hin Fai Victor
25 Oct 2012 Dilemma in Diabetes Management
Youth/Young Patients
  Etiology and Diagnosis - Prof. Alice PS Kong
  Practical Aspects in Management - Dr. HC Yau
Dilemma in Diabetes Management
Adults and Elderly Patients - Dr. KP Lau
Dr. YW Ng
24 May 2012 Cholesterol Lowering in Complicated Diabetic Patients
A cardiologist's point of view - Dr. KM Tam
A nephrologist's point of view - Dr. SK Mak
Dr. KW Chan
18 Oct 2011 Blood Pressure Control in DM
An endocrinologist's Point of View - Dr. WY So
A dietitian's Point of View - Mr. Terry Ting
Dr. Victor HF Hung
14 Apr 2011 Advances in Diabetic Retinopathy
An Ophthalmologist's Point of View - Dr. Taylor KT Tse
A Diabetologist's Point of View - Dr. YW Ng
Dr. June KY Li
7 Oct 2010 Zooming in on Current Diabetes Management
Diabetes Self Management Education - Ms. Eva Kan
Practical Issues in Current Drug Management - Dr. WS Chow Chan
Ms. Winnie Cheng
Dr. KW
29 Apr 2010 Type 2 Diabetes in the Youth - Prof. Louis CK Low
Obesity and Prediabetes in the Youth - Dr. PT Cheung
Dr. Elaine Kwan
10 Nov 2009 X-road in Diabetes
Laboratory Diagnosis of diabetes - Dr. Sidney Tam
Targets of Glycemic control in diabetes - Dr. June KY Li
Dr. Victor HF Hung
23 Apr 2009 Weight Management in Diabetic Patients
An Endocrinologist's Perspective - Dr. Gary TC Ko
A Gastroenterologist's Perspective - Dr. Annie OO Chan
Dr. KW Chan
30 Oct 2008 Vascular Diseases and Diabetes
A Surgeon' Perspective - Dr. LF Tang
A Cardiologist's Perspective - Dr. Albert WS Leung
Dr. KL Choi
24 Apr 2008 Unusual Causes of Diabetes - Dr. KK Lee
Useful Tips and Recommendations on Medical Nutrition Therapy - Ms. Lorena Cheung
Dr. KW Chan
4 Dec 2007 Toxicology and Treatment of DM
Toxicology of Anti-diabetes Agents - Recent Experience - Dr. Albert YW Chan
Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus - What is New? - Prof. Thomas YK Chan
Dr. June KY Li
8 May 2007 Sex and Diabetes
Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes - Dr. Martin KT Wong
Contraception in Diabetic Women - Dr. Mimi TM Fung
Dr. KW Chan
7 Nov 2006 Diabetic Retinopathy- Screening and Management
Screening for Diabetic Retinopathy - Dr. KW Chan
Management of Diabetic Retinopathy - Prof. Vincent WH Lee
Dr. CH Choi
23 May 2006 Queries on the Management of Diabetes Nephropathy
Can We Prevent Diabetic Nephropathy? - Prof. Juliana Chan
What is a Suitable Diet? - Ms. KY Li
How to Treat Overt Diabetic Nephropathy - Dr. FK Li
Dr. Kathryn Tan
15 Nov 2005 Past, Present and Future of Diabetes in Hong Kong
Has the Fate of Diabetic Patients Changed since 1922? - Prof. Rosie TT Young
The Present Burden of Diabetes and Related Disorders - Prof. Clive Cockram
Current Diabetes Management: New Concepts, New Tools - Prof. Karen Lam
Past, Present and Future ' Recent' Advances - Dr. John Ma
Dr. Kathryn Tan
24 May 2005 Obesity and Diabetes
Lifestyle Modification for Obesity in DM patients - Mr. Wallace Ngai
Medical Management for Obesity in DM patients - Dr. Norman Chan
Surgical Management of Obesity in DM patients - Dr. Simon KH Wong
Dr. Kathryn Tan
28 Oct 2004 Neurology and Diabetes
Cerebral Disease in Diabetes - Dr. Raymond TF Cheung
Neurosis and Psychological Aspects of Diabetes - Prof. Peter WH Lee
Autonomic Neuropathy in Diabetes - Dr. CH Choi
Dr. KL Choi
5 Jan 2004 Men's Health in Diabetes
Management of Ischemic Heart Disease - Dr. CS Chiang
Management of Erectile Dysfunction - Dr. SC Siu
Andropause in Diabetes - Dr. David CS Chang
Dr. John Ma
16 Sep 2003 Lipid Disorders in Diabetes
Lipotoxicity vs Glucose Toxicity - Dr. Sidney Tam
Evidenc-based Management of Hyperlipidaemia - Professor B. Tomlinson
Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment of Hyperlipidemia - Dr. Albert Leung
Dr. K.L. Choi
14 Nov 2002 Ketoacidosis - Recognition and Implication
Pitfall in Diagnosis of DKA - Dr. Sidney Tam
DKA - Type 1 or Type 2 ? - Dr. Kathyrn Tan
Management of DKA - Dr. CH Choi
Dr. CS Chang
26 Jun 2002 Jam and Butter in Diabetes
Sweeteners- In and Out - Dr. Gloria Tam
Carbohydrate Counting - Up and Down - Ms. Eliza Chan
Prof. Karen Lam
29 Nov 2001 Insulin Therapy in Diabetes
Insulin in Type 1 Diabetes - Dr. Gary Wong
Insulin in Type 2 Diabetes - Dr. Juliana Chan
Insulin in Pregnancy - Dr. Nelson Wat
Dr. KL Choi
19 Apr 2001 Hormonal Therapy Diabetes
Contraception in Diabetes - Dr. Terence Lao
HRT in Diabetes - Dr. Lawrence Tang
Dr. CS Chang
5 May 2000 Guidelines and Statement on Diabetes
The Role of Guidelines in Diabetes Management - Prof. Philip Home
Local Statement on Diabetes - Dr. Juliana Chan
Prof. Rosie Young
25 Mar 1999 Diabetic Foot
Clinical diagnosis and Pathophysiology - Dr. Francis Chow
An orthopedic Perspective - Prof. PC Cheung
The Role of the Chiropodist - Mr. Michael Yam
Dr. CS Chang
29 Oct 1998 The Ocular Complications of Diabetes Mellitus and their Management - Prof. Vincent Lee
Screening for Diabetes Retinopathy - Dr. SC Tiu
Dr. John Ma
16 Jul 1998 To Eat or Not to Eat -
Recent Trend in Dietary Management of Diabetes Mellitus
Ms. Lily Kwa, Ms. Emily Yeung, Ms. chi-yan Wong, Ms. Selina Khor
Ms. Selina Khor
8 Oct 1997 A New Look at the Diagnosis & Classification of Diabetes Mellitus - Prof. C. Cockram Dr. IS Tsui
15 Apr 1997 Diabetes Complication & RAGE
Advanced Glycation End-products (AGE) and its receptor in Diabetic Complications - Prof. David Stern
Soluble Receptor for AGE & Wound Healing in Diabetes - Dr. June Wu
Prof. K. Lam
13 Mar 1997 Body Composition and Body Weight
Body Fat : Where, Why and How to Measure - Dr. Juliana Chan
An Effective weight Reduction Programme for Diabetic Patients - Ms. Susan Wong
Birth weight and childhood - Dr. Elaine Kwan
Dr. SC Tiu
4 Jul 1996 The Aetiology of Diabetes Mellitus
Aetiology of Type I Diabetes - Professor Louis Low
Aetiology of Type II Diabetes - Dr. Tsang Man Wo
Type I 1/2 Diabetes - Dr. Kathryn Tan
Professor Rosie T.T. Young
4 Dec 1995 The Zenith of Diabetes
A New Era in Diabetes Management - Dr. A. Baksi
Diabetes in 2001: 100 Years after Insulin - Professor J.S. Skyler
Dr. John T.C. Ma
21 Sep 1995 Diabetes and Youth
NIDDM in Children - Dr. E. Kwan
Diabetic Youth Camp - Ms. Tammy So
Childhood IDDM in Hong Kong - Dr. Gary Wong
Dr. John T.C. Ma
14 Apr 1994 X-road in the Management of Diabetes : The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial (DCCT)
The DCCT - Study Design and Results - Dr. S.C .Tiu
A Critical Look at the DCCT - Dr. I.T.Lau
The DCCT - Implications for the Local Community - Dr. J. Ma
Dr. K. Lam
16 Sep 1993 Women and Diabetes
Hormonal Replacement in Postmenopausal Women with Diabetes - Prof. D. Chisholm
Gestational Diabetes Mellitus : An update - Dr. K. Lam
Contraception in Women with Diabetes - Dr. J. Chan
Prof. R. Young
25 Feb 1993 Vascular Disease and Diabetes Mellitus
Cerebrovascular Disease and Diabetes - Dr. R. Kay
The Heart and Diabetes - Dr. C.P..Lau
Peripheral Vascular Disease in Diabetic Patients - Dr. K.F. Siu
Dr. J. Chan
8 Oct 1992 Update on Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus
New Trends in Dietary Management for the Diabetic - Ms. L. Kwa
Oral Drugs - New insights into use and mechanisms - Dr. C.C. Chow
Update on Insulin Therapy - Dr. I.T. Lau
Dr. C. Cockram
14 Apr 1992 Transplantation & Diabetes Mellitus
Pancreatic Transplantation - Dr. I.S. Tsui
Isles Cell Transplantation - Prof. D. Yue
Renal Transplantation in Diabetic Patients - Prof. K.N. Lai
Dr. J. Ma
28 Nov 1991 Skin, Sex & Diabets Mellitus
Dermatological Complications in Diabetes Mellitus - Dr. C.F. Lai
Sexual Dysfunction in Diabetes Mellitus - Dr. J. Ma
Management of Sexual Disorders in Diabetic Patients - Dr. K.K. Wong
Dr. K. Lam
25 Apr 1991 Diabetes Mellitus & Renal Failure
Diet in Diabetic Renal Failure - Ms. S. Khor
Use of Drugs and Insulin in Diabetic Nephropathy - Dr. C. Cockam
Management of End-Stage Diabetic Renal Disease - Dr. I. Cheng
Dr. K. Lam
22 Jan 1991 Diabetes Mellitus and Proteinuria
Diabetic Nephropathy - Epidemiology & Pathophysiology - Dr. IS Tsui
Management of Diabetes with Proteinuria - Dr. I.D .Caterson
Other Renal Disorders in Diabetes - Dr. S.F. Lui
Prof. R. Young
21 Oct 1990 Diabetes Mellitus and Ophthalmopathy
Acute Eye Emergencies in Diabetes - Prof. P. Ho
Peri-operative Management of Diabetes Undergoing Eye Surgery - Dr. K. Lam
Pathogenosis of Diabetic Retinopathy - Dr. C. Cockram
Management of Diabetic Retinopathy - Prof. P. Ho
Dr. K. LamDr. P.C. Chow
7 Jun 1990 Diabetes Mellitus and Old Age
Diabetes in the Elderly - local prevalence and morbidity in relation to stroke - Dr. J. Woo
Drug treatment in the management of the Elderly Diabetes - Dr. J. Ma
Non-Drug treatment in the management of the Elderly Diabetes - Dr. M.F.Leung
Dr. K. LamDr. N.S.Ng
8 Mar 1990 Diabetes Mellitus and Neuropathy
Actiology, Pathogenosis and classification of Diabetes Neuropathy - Dr. C. Cockram
Somatic Neuropathy - Dr. Y.L.Yu
Automatic Neuropathy - Mr. Edmund Woo
Prof. R. Young
9 Nov 1989 Diabetes Mellitus and Myocardial Diseases
Epidemiology and Spectrum of Cardiac Diseases in Diabetes Mellitus- Dr. K. Lam
Clinical Presentation of Cardiac Diseases in Diabetes Mellitus - Dr. W.I. Pau
The Management of Ishaemic Heart Diseases in Diabetes Mellitus - Dr. S.F.Chow
Dr. J. Ma
29 May 1989 Lipid Disorders in Diabetes Mellitus
Lipid Disorders in Diabetes Mellitus and the Clinical Significance - Dr. M.K.Chan
Dietary Management of Hyperlipidaemia in USA - Prof. EL Bierman
Dietary Management of Hyperlipidaemia in Chinese - Ms. S. Khor
Other Aspects of Medical Treatment of Hyperlipidaemia- Dr. P. Stacpoole
Prof. C. Wang
23 Feb 1989 Ketoacidosis and other Diabetic Emergencies
Precipitating Factors, Diagnosis and Prevention of Ketoacidosis - Prof. R. Young
Ketoacidosis - Pathophysiology & Principles of Treatment - Dr. C. Cockram
Hypoglycaemia in Diabetic Patients - Dr. J. Ma
Dr. K. Lam
22 Sep 1988 Diabetes in the Juvenile
Juvenile Diabetes in Hong Kong - Dr. K. Lam
Psychological Adjustment & Complications in Juvenile Diabetes- Mr. P. Lee
Management of Diabetes Mellitus in childhood - Dr. L. Low
Dr. C. Cockram
24 Mar 1988 Insulin and Diabetes
Principles of Insulin usage: Past, Present and Future - Dr. C. Cockram
Insulin Preparation Available - Dr. M.A.H. Cohen
Insulin Regimes - Dr. J. Ma
Practical Aspects of Insulin Use- Dr. I S. Tsui
Prof. R . Young
26 Nov 1987 Hypertension and Diabetes
Why is Hypertension Important in Diabetes - Dr. C.S. Chang
The Choice of Antihypertensive Therapy in Diabetes - Dr. C. Kumana
Renin Angiotensin System and the use of ACE Inhibitors in Diabetes - Prof. G.L. Nicholas
Prof. R. Young
25 Jun 1987 Gestation and Diabetes
Definition, Diagnosis and Screening - Dr. D. Li
Obstretrical Management - Dr. V. Wong
Medical Management - Dr. J. Ma
Paediatric Problems in Gestational Diabetes - Prof. D.P. Davis
Prof. JV Owen
19 Feb 1987 Foot and Diabetes
Neuropathy and Diabetic Foot - Dr. C. Cockram
Vascular Problems Affecting the Diabetic Foot - Dr. K.F.Siu
Infection Affecting the Diabetic Foot - Prof. G. French
The Role of the chiropodist - Mr. P. Ho
Prof. R. Young
5 Jun 1986 Eyes and Diabetes
Eyes and Diabetes - The scope of the problem - Dr. J. Ma
Laser Photo coagulation in Diabetic Retinopathy - Dr. C.M. Lam
Vitreous Surgery in the Treatment of Dibetic Retinopathy - Dr. P. Ho
Medical Management of Diabetic Eye Diseases - Dr. C. Cockram
Prof. J. V. Owen
28 Nov 1985 Diet and Diabetes
History and Principles of Management - Prof. R. Young
Basic Constituents of Chinese Food - Miss. V. Chung
Fats, Fibres and False Sugars - Dr. C. Cockram
Practical Dietary Management in Diabetes - Mrs. M. Sham
Dr. J. Ma
28 & 30 May 1985 ABC of Diabetes Mellitus
Introduction - Prof. R. Young
Presenting Features, Detection and Diagnosis - Dr. C.Cockram
Biochemical Assessment of Diabetic Control - Dr. K. Lam
Approach to Management of Diabetes Mellitus - Dr. K.O.Cheung
The Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus - Dr. J. Ma
Prof. R. Young