Back Issue 1, 2001

Message from the President

On behalf of the council members, it is my great pleasure to announce the publication of the Newsletter of the Hong Kong Society of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Reproduction, both as a hard copy and electronically on our newly established Website at Since its establishment in 1984, our Society has organized many important functions and activities. The reform of this Newsletter signifies another achievement of our Society. With the coming of the new century, we are facing new challenges. The major activity for the Society this year is to organise the Second International Huaxia Congress of Endocrinology in December 14 - 17 at the Hong Kong Convention Centre. We rely on your active support and participation to make this Congress a successful meeting.

Our Society will continue our best efforts to upkeep our goal in promoting education and research in endocrinology. These can only be achieved with the continual support from fellow members. We look forward to hear your views and experiences and to see as many of you at our scientific meetings.